Personal Information Protection PolicyPersonal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

I.N.G. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) In order to be able to properly manage and operate all personal information collected in the course of business with the trust of customers as the first priority, we have established a privacy policy here, and we will thoroughly ensure that all employees, including officers and employees, temporary employees, temporary employees, part-timers, and part-time workers, as well as subcontractors to whom we entrust personal information, comply with this policy.

1) We will comply with laws, regulations, notices and other norms concerning the protection of personal information, as well as this policy.
2) In addition to formulating personal information management regulations, we will comply with them when collecting, using, and providing personal information, and will strictly manage it.
3) We will prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
4) When there is a possibility of acquiring personal information of a person under the age of 15, we will give special consideration, such as obtaining it after clearly indicating that it will be provided with the consent of a guardian.
5) We will continuously review and improve our personal information management regulations.

Name of business operator handling sole proprietorship

Name : I.N.G. Co., Ltd.
Address : 33-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Yasufumi Sato

What types of personal information do we have?

Personal information obtained in connection with transactions with the Company

Name, postal code, address, date
1)of birth, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address, SNS account, financial institution, account number, etc., contents described in contracts and purchase orders, etc., or contents heard in order to fulfill transactions
2) Credit history, purchase history, service provision history, etc. generated in connection with transactions

Scope of application

This policy stipulates the handling of personal information acquired in connection with the Company’s business, and the privacy policy established by the third party shall apply to the handling of personal information on third-party sites, etc. linked from our website, and the Company shall not assume any obligation or responsibility.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

1) In addition to confirming the application for contracted products and services, to perform work such as installation and maintenance

. of products
(1) To prepare quotations for products and services
(2) To purchase products and services, confirm contracts, and respond to inquiries
(3) To bill and pay for and confirm the price and fees for products and services
(4) To carry out work such as installation, maintenance, etc
(5) To provide services and after-sales services based on product or service provision contracts

2) To provide, improve, and develop new services for the products and services you are using

To publish statistical information, etc. processed with prizes, etc. submitted
(1) To improve the content of products, services, websites, etc. so that everyone can be more satisfied
(2) To adjust the content of products, services, etc. according to the equipment conditions of individual customers
(3) To investigate customer satisfaction with regard to the content of products, services, etc.
(4)in a manner that cannot identify individuals regarding the usage status of personal information, products, services, websites, etc. as survey results or to provide them to third parties
(5) To grasp and analyze the usage status of everyone and to use it for improving services and developing new services
(6) To send honorariums, etc. for surveys that you cooperated
(7) To send prizes, etc. for
(8) To communicate other necessary matters such as questionnaires and monitor plans

3) To deliver information, etc. related to the products and services provided

(1) To deliver information on periodicals, books, pamphlets, digital contents, and other services
(2) To ask for cooperation in surveys, participation in various events, and to report the results
(3) To grasp and analyze the usage status of products, services, websites, etc., and to deliver information, advertisements, survey results, etc. of products and services of companies and organizations that are considered beneficial to us, including our company
(4) To deliver information on contracts
(5) To deliver greeting cards (New Year’s cards, etc.) of the weather

4) Others
In addition to the above, to use for the purpose for which a separate notice or announcement has been given, or for which consent has been given

Protection and management of personal information

The collected personal information will be handled safely under strict management in accordance with our personal information management regulations. In addition, regarding the appropriate handling of personal information, we will strive to regularly conduct necessary education and enlightenment activities for all employees. The personal information we collect may be stored and managed with access restrictions such as passwords and locks, and may be associated with other information we manage. In addition, we may entrust the handling of personal information as part of our business to a company that we judge to be reliable and have concluded a confidentiality agreement for personal information, but even in this case, your personal information will be protected under our personal information management regulations. In addition, in the event that the purpose of use is changed, we will notify the person in advance of the purpose or announce it. If you do not agree to the new purpose, you can refuse.

Joint use of personal information

The Company may jointly use the acquired personal information as follows.

1) Personal information to be shared: Name, postal code, address, date of birth, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address, product purchase history, service usage history, questionnaire results
2) Scope of joint users: Companies of the Tsubasa Group to which the Company belongs (Tsubasa Entertainment Co., Ltd., Tsubasa Records Co., Ltd.)
3) Purpose of use: The purpose stipulated in the “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” of the Company’s Privacy Policy
4) Person responsible for management of shared use

Tokyo Shibuya-ku Udagawacho 33-7
I.N.G. Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yasufumi Sato

Provision to Third Parties

We will not provide the collected personal information to third parties without your consent. However, if you request the provision of information, provision of services, order products, apply, contact, or mediate to companies or organizations other than our company via our company, or if you apply for an exhibition or seminar related to those companies or organizations, or if you request our company to mediate the request for materials to advertising companies, etc., you may disclose or provide personal information to the company or organization. It is. In order to provide better services to everyone, we may outsource business to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “subcontractor”). Personal information may be provided to subcontractors to the extent necessary for the purpose of use. In such a case, the Company shall impose an obligation not to use personal information to the subcontractor for any purpose other than the specified purpose, and shall impose an appropriate management obligation to prevent leakage of personal information and re-provision to a third party without your permission. When settling fees for products and services, personal information may be exchanged with financial institutions for the purpose of confirming the account of a financial institution, verifying seals, confirming the validity of credit cards, etc. In addition, in addition to the law, when disclosure must be based on an order of a government office, etc., to protect and defend rights, property, safety of life and body, etc., or to improve public health, promote the sound development of children, provide emergency electrical safety or disaster prevention protection, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person or it takes time to obtain consent, personal information is disclosed to a third party. There may be.

Disclosure and Correction of Registered Information

We will manage your personal information as accurately and up-to-date as possible. When requested by you, we will disclose your registration information (you may be charged a separate fee for disclosure). In addition, when there is a request that the contents are not accurate, etc., we will confirm the contents and add or change, correct, suspend the use of, delete the registered information as necessary, and respond based on other requests prescribed by the Personal Information Protection Act. For your request, please contact the customer contact point described in “Inquiries”. However, if you delete the registration, there may be a hindrance to the provision of each product / service, or it may not be possible to provide it.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Except in cases stipulated by laws and regulations, the Company may change the privacy policy at any time.

About Inquiries

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