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What do I need to register as a member?
You can sign up for free using your Facebook account, Twitter account, or email address.
I want to unsubscribe.
Please contact us from the inquiry page. Please let us know your registered email address and username.
What happens if the project is not successful?
1. In the case of ALL OR NOTHING method
If the project does not meet (the target amount is not reached during the period), no settlement will be made. If you are paying first by convenience store payment, etc., we will process the refund.

2. In the case of ALL IN method
The project runs even if the payment is made at the same time as the product purchase and the target amount is not reached during the period.
I want to check my purchase history and purchase details
You can check it in "Supported Projects" on My Page.
I forgot my password.
If you have lost your login password, please enter your username or email address from the password reset page and click "Reset Password". You will receive a password reset email at your registered email address. Please reset your password from the link in the email.
I can’t register as a member
There is a possibility that membership registration has already been completed with your email address. Please log in with your registered account.
Please tell me how to pay.
The payment method of the available product price is as follows.

Credit card (VISA/MASTER)
Convenience store payment
- PayPal
Net UnionPay
I want to change my shipping address
You can ⇒ your ⇒ settings from your billing and delivery information.
If there is a project waiting for a return shipment, please make a change by the scheduled shipping month.
The product has not arrived. I want to check the shipment status
The seller manages/ships the product. The shipping time is described in the project details page. If you do not receive it after the scheduled shipping time, please contact us from the inquiry page.
How long does it take to post?
If the preparation of documents, project pages, and materials are prepared as planned, it will take about one month from the first meeting to publication.
I want to know the screening criteria for a project
The examination criteria are not open to the public. If you have any problems, please contact the FUNADE staff.
I want to list alcoholic beverages and other products that require qualifications for sale
If you want to set a return for liquor or other products that require qualifications or authorizations, you will need to include your authorization number and the name of the manager on the project page, such as the project details page or profile page.
I want to know about the schedule until the amount of money collected is paid
The amount excluding the FUNADE usage fee will be credited from the end of the project month to 5 business days the following month.
Delays in return product readability and delays in shipping to supporters
Please explain the reason and apology that the delivery time is delayed on the project page. Please be sure to report to the FUNADE staff.